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The most common way to “emphasize a certain point” to elaborate and provide “relevant information” about something is mostly done by the use of some random “punctuation signs” that allows the readers to differentiate the essential points from the other.

“Punctuation” mostly is defined by the usage of some “common signs” that allow us to create a sense of “stress”, “clarity” and “style” in between the sentences. This article will elaborate on the “common errors” that are found in the assignments through the usage of “wrong punctuation signs”. 

The “English grammar” has been using some “basic punctuation signs and symbols” since the “5th century B.C”  by the “Greek playwrights”. They have been using “some common symbols” to illustrate a point or a message. The “English grammar” has used “punctuation in its oldest known document in the 9th century -Mesha Stele”. Since then, the use of “punctuation” has started. There are some basic rules for writing any kind of assignment that could make the reader wonder and anticipate the content.

The “common mistakes” that are mostly discovered is the usage of the wrong “punctuating signs and symbols” that could alter the meaning and the “basis of the content of the writing”. The writers, while writing their assignments, mostly use “wrong punctuating symbols” that includes the wrong usage of “comma, semicolon, exclamation marks, question marks.”

The first most foremost meaningful sign is the “comma”. This is one of the most essential “punctuating symbols” that could “effectively alter the meaning of the sentence if not used in the right way”. While writing an assignment, it is essential to use “comma” in the right way. A “comma” generally differentiates “two clauses, and it cannot be used randomly to generate ideas”. The “comma” must be used only when there is “conjunction connected to the clauses”. This “conjunction” makes it clear for the readers about the basis of the content of the message delivered.

The second most important “punctuation sign” is the “semicolon”. The “semicolons” are primarily used for two essential purposes “for making lists and revealing an answer”. The most common errors that the writers make during their assignments is to use “semicolons” wherever possible randomly. “Semicolons” must only be used when there is a need to provide a piece of “relevant information”. A proper assignment does not need the usage of all the “punctuating signs and symbols to elaborate a point”.

The use of “exclamation mark” must only exist when a “deeper emotion is illustrated”. Often, the writers are found using “this exclamation sign” while proving any “kind of argumentative data” which they have found appropriate. This is the reason while the particular assignment lacks a “sense of meaning and content”.

“Question marks” must only be used when there is an analysis of any “kind of argumentative theory or data”.

Therefore, to make an “assignment appropriate for any writer”, it is essential for him/her to have a “deeper understanding of the usage of these signs and symbols.”

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