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The environment must not be referred to as an obstacle for development, especially in the technological field. However, for the sake of mankind, natural assets need to be preserved properly. The debate on environment and technology is a burning topic, and DMG Solution is eager enough to represent some of its own insights about the topic. As per many educationists, technology and environment can complement each other. However, the current environmental status and level of pollution forced the debating individuals to think about the factors again. Technology here acts more like a “double-edged sword”. Continuous innovation in technology worked as a fuel for the industrial revolution throughout the years. Within the year span of 1870 to 1910, the USA faced an enormous growth in the “per capita income”. It can be said that the economic stability of today’s developed countries is a gift of the industrial revolution. However, no one in that era noticed that industrialization is leaving the noontime skies dark as charcoal. The intoxicating substances that are emitted from the industries are the prime cause of today’s massive pollution. We, DMG Solution also believe that technology and industrialization is one of the prime reasons for which our earth got this massive amount of pollutants. However, these days, people are becoming more concerned about pollution.

There was a time when technology and the industrial revolution became the key cause of pollution. Now, technological innovations are aiming for providing a clean environment for the habitats. Thus, this highly satisfies the word “Double-edged sword”. DMG Solution strongly believes that being a part of this ecosystem, we also bear the responsibility of making this world beautiful. In order to provide some effective solution for controlling the environmental issues and pollution level, we, DMG Solution, did extensive research in the field. Technology, with the support of economic regulation and environmental pressure excessively made a reduction in the pollutant. All the volatile pollutants, like carbon monoxide, are the key cause of pollution. This is strongly affecting the physical and mental health of the human being. A balanced approach between industrial progress as well as environmental degradation needs to be taken first. DMG Solution identified the process of clean technology here. This clean technology effectively means the process through which it can minimize the usability of raw materials. It is also aiming to reduce waste. Many organizations have already started the use of clean technology in their firms. The process of recycling is also an option. For instance, due to cloud service can be considered as a great contribution to technology. It stores huge data and reduces a massive portion of paper waste.

Each organization these days are somehow connected with the digital world. They are using the power of technology massively.  In order to compete in this fast-growing world, the use of technology is highly essential. DMG Solution as a part of this digital world also uses the power of technology in daily operations. However, a detailed look at the practice of technology is driven in this section.

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