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In today’s world, getting a job of one’s choice is not an easy feat. It takes a lot of effort which is not limited to one’s qualification and an excellent resume. It requires a cover letter to make sure that the employer understands the true value of the candidate. A cover letter consists of detailed information regarding the experience as well as the skills of the candidate. In order to make sure that the employer selects the ideal candidate, he or she is ought to give their best shot. If there is no specific mention in the job application of what the employer wants then a cover letter is a must otherwise it is not necessary to provide it. There are three types of cover letters and a well-crafted one is always kept professional. A simple resume does not provide all the information required of a candidate, it just provides a gift to the recruiter, but a cover letter provides the actual context of all those limited information. A good cover should always be wrapped up in a one-page document and should never exceed in exaggerated details.

DMG Solution believes that a cover letter is only important if there are no specific details mentioned about the job in the application. Most job applications always mention their requirements. DMG Solution stands for efficient work and providing all the necessary information required for any type of job.

A good cover letter has to follow the actual format of writing one. There are 8 easy steps that a cover letter requires; first is a proper heading then a salutation. Followed by an opening there is a paragraph that will capture their attention and force them to read the next part.

In the second part, the candidate needs to give points on why they are appropriate for this post and the perfect fit for this company. A third paragraph will give provide arguments on why the company is the correct option for them.

After that, there will be a closing paragraph which should never come off as needy, the focus should always be on what the candidate can offer and not focused on how desperately they want this job. Repetition of cliché phrases should be avoided at all cost.

The closing of a cover letter should always be formal like “Sincerely”, “Thank You”, “With best regards” and many others. In order to seal the deal in the cover letter, a postscript can be added to inform the employer about the candidate which is not exclusively related to the job requirement and mention. It usually works like a magnet for the employers and catches their attention most of the time.

In DMG Solution’s view, a cover letter should always avoid basic errors. Such as grammar and spelling mistakes, false information, requirements along with expectations regarding the salary, long-winded paragraphs and most importantly, unpleasant comments about the previous employer or company. If a candidate follows these key elements in their cover letter, then nobody can stop them from getting the job.

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