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Depression attacks and anxiety have become quite common and are growing at an alarming rate. Students are highly susceptible to depression as a result of increasing stress with their studies and career. However, it is highly essential for the students to understand their state of mental health and should know that the state of depression or anxiety is completely different from the feeling of being stressed or sad. DMG Solution thinks that it is important for the students to identify the symptoms and seek help by opening up to their close ones.

It is often perceived that depression makes it difficult for students to function in their daily life or achieve the desired success in their career. DMG Solution observed that frequent mood swings and losing interest in a favourite activity are the foremost symptoms of a depressed mental state. In addition to that, the students can also end up feeling guilty, restless, worthless or irritable. However, the most concerning factor about depression among students are the feeling of being suicidal and this symptom can also reach an unmanageable situation?

DMG Solution suggests many depression and anxiety management solutions that can help students to feel better about them. A student fighting with depression needs to know that “You are not alone” and “You are enough”. Apart from Medication and psychotherapy, the two most common ways to deal with clinical depression, some other helpful methods can also be adopted to prevent getting depressed or to deal with depression. The first step, according to DMG Solution, in addressing this problem, is to engage in a therapeutic session or to discuss it with a close person. Accordingly, talking about feelings can effectively benefit the students to handle anxiety, stress levels, peer pressure, rejection or even bullies that are some of the most common causes of depression. DMG Solution has noticed that the counselling centre within the campus has significantly helped the students. Psychotherapy sessions, in combination with medications, are considered as one of the most viable solutions.

However, DMG Solution believes that mindfulness can be a great solution to developmental well being and stay connected in a variety of ways. Students often face difficulty managing a lot of pressure at the same time and lose focus. This situation can be dealt with appropriately by practising mindfulness exercises such as meditating, doing yoga or listening to audio meditations. Another simple approach to combating depression is to spend time in nature. This involves activities like walking, swimming, gardening or making trips to the countryside can help in dealing with depression. Changing the nutritional patterns, sleeping habits and avoiding drugs and alcohol use can create a huge impact in reducing the level of depression. DMG Solution also found that social connections and support also helps to minimize the severity of depression among the students. Socializing will help the students to engage in social activities with family and friends.

Therefore, students can adopt one of several solutions to deal with depression and stay positive. It is crucial for the students to develop healthy boundaries for themselves and feel connected with their close ones. They need to know that they don’t have to go through depression and anxiety alone. They can always reach out to their parents, family or friends.

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