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The system of Cloud to protect the data and Information has been developed by Joseph Carl in the year 1960s.  According to some studies, it can be concluded that the data is very safe in the platform of Cloud. The security of Cloud is very tight and safe for the data, but it will not be concluded as authoritative. The Cloud has the ability to view every single data even after being theft. Therefore, it will be legal for the Government to keep the Information and data in the tight security of the Cloud. The opinion of DMG Solution has been mentioned that there are several advantages that can be put on the Cloud Security of keeping the data safe and secure as well. The first purpose of advantage can be regarded as the flexibility of the Cloud. The Cloud has been very flexible in putting the Information and data into it.

Therefore the opinion of the DMG Solution mentions that cloud security can be used in “Disaster recovery”. It is a process where the planning will be created. The planning is for targeting the negative aspects of the Organization, which will be dangerous and harmful for it. For the DMG solution, it has been regarded as a document. Though, the safety of clouds allows an individual to work from every corner of the World. Moreover, there are several issues that have been mentioned by DMG solution in their opinion. The commercial and financial fields are keeping their secrets and Information in the Cloud. Moreover, it can be dangerous for them because the issues of “Bandwidth Cost” have been emerged regarding the Cloud Platform in restoring the data and information as well.

It has been a deep matter of concern for the Government and another business field to keep their data in the Cloud as because there are various issues that are being observed regarding the Cloud. Moreover, the second opinion that has been made by DMG Solution is that the Clouds are not working properly regarding its ability. The issues of “Proper Usability” have been observed in recent years regarding the cloud platform.

It can manage and maintain the document of the business or any type of business field though the security that has been tight after implementing Cloud security in the business field. The collaboration has been developed after using the Cloud in keeping the data safe and secure. However, the data will not be theft as the security of the Cloud platform is very tight. Therefore, the hacker is in search of something extraordinary stuff which will be the key aspects to steal all the data from Cloud. DMG Solution thinks that cloud computing can increase productivity if incorporated into the organization however it needs to be prepared also for tackling the issues. “Cloud Computing System” has been introduced by the Dell Company. The purpose of developing the idea of the Cloud has been successful in every aspect. The banking sector of the World has taken the idea of the Cloud. Therefore, they will keep their information about the business safe. DMG Solution has given their view according to this topic.