The Emergence Of Organic Farming

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The Emergence Of Organic Farming

January 20, 2020 Uncategorized 0

Organic farming is not a new aspect in the context of farming, therefore focusing on the organic way of doing agricultural work is a good way to produce crops. There are various ways of doing or accomplishing organic farming. For many decades, farmers are relying on the organic way of producing crops. But in recent times the rise of artificial way of farming has also emerged as a promising one. This enables a great opportunity for the farmers in increasing the number of crops within a short period of time, though both of these techniques have their own advantages and disadvantages as well, the role of organic farming still has an edge over the artificial way. DMG Solution believes that the role of organic farming could be understood by knowing its advantages over other methods of farming. One of the major advantages of organic farming the reduction of cost in producing crops. In this case, chemical and the application of fertilizer also not required in the case of organic farming. Therefore it will help in producing a good amount of crops without spending lots of money on buying pesticides and fertilizers which are harmful. At DMG Solution, we deeply understand the role of artificial farming methods in the context of farming, which allows the thinking regarding when to adopt organic farming and when not to choose organic farming as well.

There are some reasons for the rise of organic farming. DMG Solution considers these elements as a crucial part that is listed here. In the case of organic farming, no fertilizer and chemical mixture is required for growing the crops, therefore the lifespan of soil gets increased due to no contact with the chemical mixture. It also helps in producing crops more than once a year. Another advantage of this method is that it gives pollution-free groundwater due to no fertilizer is being used. DMG Solution also gives a focus on the environment. Due to many activities, the environment is getting polluted continuously. From this aspect, the role of organic farming is highly important which somehow allows reducing the environmental pollution. Other than this, residues can also be controlled, therefore the role of organic farming is undoubtedly one of the crucial parts in the context of farming.

In conclusion, the emergence of organic farming helps in getting farming done without creating any disturbance to nature or the environment. Another major point about the conventional farming method is that due to the use of chemical mixtures and fertilizer the cost of the produced crop gets increased by up to 40%. Therefore the price of the products from the retail shop becomes increased as well. As compared to this scenario, organic farming gives a proper balance between the cost and the quality of the produced crop. In addition, DMG Solution also believes that the inclusion of organic farming will help in reducing the negative impact on the environment. Again it is also recommended that finding a proper balance between organic and conventional farming is also necessary.