Month: February 2020

Dignified, Mature, Great Solution Paper

Should obesity be treated as a disease?

Obesity is one of the most common health issues these days and also poses a threat to many people. The reason for obesity has few factors which includes psychological, physical or genetic reason behind it. DMG Solution also thinks in the same way as the medical experts believe these days. There are many organizations that…
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February 20, 2020 0


Boxing Day is celebrated as a very special day right after Christmas. It is celebrated on the 26th of December every year. This day is considered to be a traditional day on the eve of Christmas. DMG Solution has explored certain interesting facts about this auspicious day that is celebrated right after the Christmas day.…
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February 13, 2020 0

Why do teenagers want to become a social media sensation these days?

The teenagers and millennial are spending most of their quality time on some of the “social media platforms”, and for them, the virtual world of social media holds much more important than real life. DMG Solution believes that people of all age group are fond of recognition and the new generations of teenagers are not…
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February 10, 2020 0

Should more laws be protecting the rights of workers?

The worker or labour rights include a collection or group of “human rights” which are related to labour relations. The labour relationship exists between the employers and the employees. DMG Solution has studied the case and is proposing their thoughts regarding this topic. As of now, different laws preserve the rights of the employees and…
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February 6, 2020 0