Should more laws be protecting the rights of workers?

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Should more laws be protecting the rights of workers?

February 6, 2020 Uncategorized 0

The worker or labour rights include a collection or group of “human rights” which are related to labour relations. The labour relationship exists between the employers and the employees. DMG Solution has studied the case and is proposing their thoughts regarding this topic. As of now, different laws preserve the rights of the employees and workers working in an organization. These laws include:

  • Minimum Wage Law: This law ensures that the workers or the employees receive a minimum wage sum for their work. The government of that country determines this minimum sum or wage. DMG Solution researched and found out that the “Fair Labor Standards Act” of the USA ensures that all the workers and the employees in the USA get at least $7.25 in one hour of work from most of the public and private companies. This law also offers some special protection to their workers. DMG Solution also discovers from the researchers conducted that children who are below 16 years of age can work only for a limited time. Any violation of this is considered to be a serious offence.
  • Workplace Safety: This law ensures the safety of workers in the workplace.
  • Health Coverage laws: These laws were passed in the year 2010 and promise to deliver the condition that the “health insurances” for the workers should be considered as a right and look after by the company or the organization they are working for.
  • Whistleblower law for protection: It ensures that any person can disclose any act or incident of their parent body or the company to legal bodies such as the police. This will not be disclosed publicly under any circumstances.
  • Family leaves: This law states that the workers or the employees can take unpaid leaves from their workplace or company. A total of around 12 weeks for unpaid leaves will be offered or provided to the employees.
  • Discrimination Law: This law helps and prevents the employees from any kind or form of discrimination at their workplace. The offender of such cases is severely punished.

Our Verdict and Opinion

DMG Solution believed that there are several laws and regulations present in our federal system. At the moment, extra law may not be incurred. Rather the existing laws and regulations should be followed and implemented in every field. There are many instances and cases in organizations or companies where these laws are not followed and violated regularly. DMG Solution would also like the readers to accustom themselves with the different employee and worker laws. The reader might be working for an organization, and unknowingly they might be getting exploited by their employers. The workers should protest or consult their seniors regarding any problems or difficulties they are facing in their workplace. The employers and the managers should also consider some ethical factors and regulations and should try to give benefits and services to their mandatory employees. Thus to conclude, it can be said that there are enough or a decent number of laws present and only implementation and execution of these laws are needed in the necessary places.