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Boxing Day is celebrated as a very special day right after Christmas. It is celebrated on the 26th of December every year. This day is considered to be a traditional day on the eve of Christmas. DMG Solution has explored certain interesting facts about this auspicious day that is celebrated right after the Christmas day.

It is interesting to notice that the name given to this day in the calendar is the same as the sports “Boxing”. However, this day has nothing to do with the sports “Boxing”. The naming of this day was inspired by a ritual that is being followed since 1871. According to historical facts found by DMG Solution, this day was first celebrated in the United Kingdom as a day of giving. The less fortunate people were gifted with presents from the rich people; the servants received gifts and present from their employers on this day. Since Christmas gifts and presents were delivered in boxes to the workers and the servants; this day got its name from that concept. DMG Solution thinks that this day marks a great charitable day in the year and is an intriguing way for the employers or the rich sections of the society to show love and care for the less fortunate. This day is observed as a public holiday in the UK, and hence most of the schools and offices remain closed on this day, people celebrate this day with great enthusiasm and zeal. Therefore, in the UK, most of the places like movie halls, amusement parks and shopping malls observe major outpour as everyone wishes to celebrate it with their family and friends. This day signifies unity and equality, and it is almost similar to Thanksgiving that is celebrated with much more vigour in the North American countries.

This day gives an opportunity to the working-class people to celebrate the eve of Christmas in a remarkable way. This day is widely celebrated in all the countries having a historical background related to the UK. However, it is witnessed that this day is celebrated widely in other parts of the world as well. In some of the countries like Canada, Australia, UK and New Zealand, Boxing Day is counted as a public holiday, and the banks and ot5her institutions remain closed.

DMG Solution has found it fascinating that this day provides an opportunity for the rich and the poor alike to enjoy and celebrate the eve of Christmas. This day also encourages people to engage in charitable activities. DMG Solution also thinks that this day marks a day to acknowledge the workers and servants and respect their wishes. The wealthy landowners distribute gifts to the workers who have toiled for the whole year in the land. The servants are given gifts and food to enjoy with their family.

Hence, this day us a great attempt at giving value to the efforts of the employees, servants, workers and their families and provide them with the opportunity to celebrate the religious holiday and Christmas eve with lots of caring, fun and enjoyment.