Is the role of politician more that of the role of an actor?

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Is the role of politician more that of the role of an actor?

May 7, 2020 Uncategorized 0

Political parties consist of politicians as well as the majority of politics. They need the use of political knowledge as well as some acting talent to act as the most honest politician in power in front of Media. The western media, however, presents evidence that the use of media is basically for the spreading of information and communications related to politics and entertainment. From this, it can be implied as well that the actors, as well as the politicians, nearly do the same things in front of the media. The news, as well as the relevant discussions, are done by the politicians in front of the camera by the help of media. As the old sayings are remembered, this includes a saying that the politics are stages for ugly people that somewhat use drama and fakeness to progress in their intentions just like actors. The more the politicians are skilled and talented in acting, the more successful they are achieving greater voter base and success. DMG Solution thinks the role of a politician and that of an actor are not much different.

The supporter base and the successful operations that are carried out by the actors and politicians are somewhat similar with different functions. DMG Solution thinks that the politicians are well prepared with all the acting and evidence that they need to show in front of their audiences to gain greater support for their success in their intentions. However, it is evident as well that every politician is not dishonest and have great examples of honesty in some politicians. The use of media in today’s politics is mostly done for convincing the audience towards their intentions with fake promises and making them into supporters. Their passionate acting in front of the media is required by them about the country’s GDP and development to gain greater support for them. They require acting with great concern and care towards the small and big issues that are occurring in the country to convert the majority of the population in their supporters.

Acting needs skilled art of faking and talent of manipulating the feelings and minds of their audience. DMG Solution thinks that the role of an actor is to entertain and is known to the people about their fake expressions and acting for a purpose. However, Politicians are not required to serve the same purpose. Role of politicians is to discuss the political factors that are occurring in the country and take decisions related to the political factors and its effects in the country operations. Politicians are good at faking their concerns and care towards the negative issues in the country, the country organizations, country market, the economy of the country and the other operations that are going on in the country. Whatever be the role of the politician, be it good or bad, they at some point or other has acted in front of the audiences and DMG Solution thinks that it is in one way also suited for their role.